PACE Field Services has a fleet of trucks consist of a wide range of one ton pickups up to heavy duty 18 Wheelers with a variety of equipment too include step decks, drop decks, double drop decks, and flatbeds. This is an additional to a range of specialized equipment such as stretch trailers, boosters, jeeps, and (Removable Goose Necks) RGNS with a carrying capacity up to 250,000lbs gross weight. These services are also offered in short and long-distance ranges to include port of entry via interstate routes. Our trucking specialists treat your equipment safely and diligently by efficiently by providing safe and reliable transportation.

PACE Field Services has an extensive fleet consist of 55-ton Boom trucks to 450-ton mobile hydraulic cranes in providing any lifting needs your company has. We provide these crane rentals in support of mainly the oil and gas operations but also the wind and power related companies within the Permian Basin. These services can be available for daily weekly and monthly rentals to include drop off and pick up of the equipment.

PACE Field Services received the VR/TO stamp of approval through The National Board, which certifies us for the inspection and repair of pressure relief valves. The National Board requires extensive documentation in order to be certified. We have a very detailed and methodical documentation process that has been implemented in order to maintain this certificate. The NBIC (The National Board Inspection Code) along with OSHA has outlined our safety requirements as well. From annual inspections for PRV valves on high pressure vessels to thief hatch repair and replacements on Tank Battery’s. With this service we can assist you in maintaining zero emissions for the TRRC compliance and audits.

PACE Field Services continuously strives to provide quality, on time and safe service to every customer. Our Construction and Facilities Upgrade team offers a wide range of services from annual and bi-annual maintenance to facilities upgrades to complete turn key operations. These facilities upgrades are to include Pipeline Compressor Stations, Tank Battery installations, Tank Battery upgrades, Pumping Unit installations along with maintenance and prevention. We also offer pressure washing and steam cleaning services for major spills on facilities or wellheads to include dirt remediation.

PACE FIELD SERVICES is your trusted partner in providing comprehensive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our commitment extends to helping the Oil and Gas companies with their acreage including Central Tank Batteries, Oil Collection Points, Gas Plants, Cryogenic Air Separation Plants, Pipelines, and SWD (Saltwater Disposal) facilities to mitigate their carbon footprint.

With our cutting-edge FLUKE ii900 sonic industrial imager, we swiftly and accurately detect leaks in these critical infrastructure components. By identifying and repairing leaks promptly, we assist in reducing emissions and optimizing operations, contributing to a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of oil and gas facilities.

Our specialized team is well-versed in handling various facilities and challenging environments, including noisy industrial settings during peak operations. Whether it's inspecting pipelines, monitoring gas plants, or managing SWD facilities, we ensure comprehensive leak management to enhance environmental sustainability.

At PACE FIELD SERVICES, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility in the oil and gas industry. Our ESG-focused approach encompasses identifying unauthorized emissions, implementing mitigation strategies, and promoting sustainable practices at every step.

By partnering with PACE FIELD SERVICES, our clients can benefit from our advanced technology, expertise, and dedication to ESG principles. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment, minimize the carbon footprint, and ensure a cleaner and more sustainable future for the industry and our planet.

PACE FIELD SERVICES is a leading and innovative company in the Permian Basin that specializes in delivering comprehensive inventory management and environmental solutions, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to ensure unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. At the core of their operations, they harness the power of the cutting-edge DJI MATRICE 350 in combination with the advanced Zemuse L1, setting new standards in the industry.

The DJI MATRICE 350 boasts an impressive 55-minute loiter time, enabling extended flights for thorough data collection and analysis. Equipped with six-directional sensing and positioning capabilities, it navigates even complex environments with ease. The MATRICE 350 can carry multiple camera payloads, which, in conjunction with its night vision and FPV capabilities, allows PACE to operate efficiently in various lighting and environmental conditions.

Safety is a top priority for PACE, and the MATRICE 350 is equipped with comprehensive safety features, including collision detection, ensuring secure and reliable flights. This enables their professionals to focus on delivering accurate and valuable data for clients without compromising on safety.

Complementing the MATRICE 350, the Zemuse L1 is a game-changer for PACE's surveying and mapping operations. Its fully integrated LIDar, RGB camera, and point cloud live view deliver exceptional high-precision data. The resulting post-processing with DJI Terra further enhances the accuracy, making it ideal for projects that demand the highest levels of precision, such as environmental assessments and mapping.

With the Zemuse L1, PACE can achieve an impressive five cm vertical accuracy and ten cm horizontal accuracy, empowering them to provide clients with unparalleled insights into their surroundings. These precise measurements enable them to create highly detailed 3D Geo maps, offering an accurate representation of the terrain and facilities.

PACE FIELD SERVICES takes pride in offering customizable SPCC plans that align with the strict standards set by the Texas Railroad Commission. This ensures that their clients' facilities are well-prepared for potential environmental risks, demonstrating PACE's commitment to environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Their team of skilled professionals conducts visual inspections of facilities, employing their expertise to identify potential issues or areas for improvement. Additionally, PACE's inventory management capabilities streamline operations for their clients, ensuring efficient and optimized resource utilization.

Furthermore, PACE's acoustic reporting system, featuring a three-tier status with a FLUKE camera, sets them apart in providing comprehensive environmental assessments. This advanced system enables them to accurately detect and analyze acoustic data, contributing to a more detailed understanding of the environmental landscape.

PACE FIELD SERVICES stands at the forefront of environmental solutions, armed with cutting-edge technology, and staffed by highly skilled professionals. Their capabilities extend beyond conventional offerings, allowing them to deliver top-tier services, precise data, and valuable insights to their clients, making them a trusted partner for comprehensive, environmentally-focused operations.


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